Fishing has been a part of my life ever since I can remember. My Dad introduced me to fishing and helped my passion grow. I fished every chance I had growing up. Throughout my younger years, I was always riding my bike around to ponds and canals trying to "BendaRod"! My Dad bought us a little bass boat to expand our fishing and time together. Middle School began my journey of fishing on a boat, and for the most part Lake Lewisville and Lake Tawakoni were the only lakes we fished. Early in my high school career, I kept seeing a particular fishing guide always coming in with these giant coolers of fish. I would be fishing the same lake at the same time and wouldn't even sniff what he was catching. We made friends with each other throughout the years, and one day something clicked between us. I believe it was our mutual love of fishing. I'll never forget the day..He jumped in my little bass boat and got on my GPS and said, "You need to fish here and here and here" and so on and so on as he was putting fishing spots in my GPS. He then invited my friend and I to jump in his boat to go fishing with him. We obliged and went out and caught a bunch of big fish! Roger Gray is his name, and he ignited my love for fishing and thirst for information and knowledge. We go fishing with each other just about every month to this day, and I still learn something every time I'm out with him.

I purchased a Kenner center console boat my second year in college. I worked at Bass Pro Shops and guided for Hybrids and Sandbass throughout college. It was fun! After that I found myself teaching and coaching football for the next six years, (guiding part time in the summers) until I realized that I wanted to do something else. I was fishing every chance I had, but I wanted more. I couldn't stop thinking about it. So here I am doing what I LOVE for a living and that's putting people on lots of big fish!

This is no longer a part time job. It is my passion and purest enjoyment in life. I guide full time all year around. I am on the water five to seven days a week. Even if I do not have a trip with clients, I am on the lake scouting and keeping up with the fish, so when you get there it will be a fishing trip that you'll never forget! I give everything I have to every fishing trip. I will ALWAYS be honest with you about what's taking place on the lake and how the fishing is. I enjoy teaching people how to fish and seeing their success. I love taking kids fishing as well. The whole family is welcome. My coaching and competitive background always keeps me growing and striving to be the best guide on the water. I will cater to whatever kind of fishing trip you are interested in. If for some reason we do not catch fish, you DO NOT pay. You will find that most guides do not offer this deal. If I am not confident that we will catch fish, then I will not take you out.  

I have a Blue Wave 220 Striper center console boat that is set up very functional for fishing. I have the latest equipment to help ensure our success. I specialize in live bait fishing, but I have no problem using whatever technique that's putting fish in the boat most efficiently. Certain times of the year require specific techniques to maximize catching. If you are interested in an artificial lure trip, I can accommodate that as well.  Your fish will be filleted and bagged for your trip home. I am licensed and insured. My goal is to create wonderful memories with my clients! Holler at me any time you want to go "BendaRod"! Thank you for taking the time to read this and for checking out my website.

-Wes Cambell, Owner

The Lakes
Lake Lewisville is located conveniently in the heart of the DFW area and offers some spectacular fishing. Besides Lewisville, the lake is surrounded by cities such as the Colony, Frisco, Little Elm, Lakewood Village, Oak Point, Shady Shores, and Denton. Many other cities are right around the corner. It is stocked every year with many species of fish including Hybrid Striper, Sandbass, Largemouth Bass, Florida Largemouth Bass, Blue Catfish, and Channel Catfish. There are great numbers of Crappie here as well. All seasons of the year can produce big numbers and big fish! Check out this link for more specifics!
Lake Tawakoni is perfectly located about 50 miles east of Dallas. It's just far enough to not receive heavy fishing traffic from the metroplex, but close enough that it's not a pain to get there. Tawakoni has all the fish species that Lewisville offers with the added stockings of the pure Striped Bass. It's a great fishery for whatever you choose to target. Tawakoni is known for it's trophy sized Blue Catfish and abundance of other species. Click the link for more information!
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Wes Campbell, Owner
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Wes Campbell, Owner
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Lake Lewisville/Lake Tawakoni, Texas
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